A man with dark hair and a sunset in the background

Photographic project & publication

A man with dark hair and a sunset in the background (2017-2020) explores visual recognition through a dialogue-based approach with an image interpretation software. Each personal photograph in the series is paired with captions ascribed by Microsoft Azure image interpretation system.

4 cover versions
Published by 6 chairs books & Lugemik
Design by Tadas Karpavičius
Text by Monika Kalinauskaitė

Press coverage:
Blok | Duncan Wooldridge
C4 journal | Lewis Bush
Echo gone wrong | Keiu Krikmann
15 min | Geistė Kinčinaitytė (LT)

The resulting combinations of image and text highlight the gap between human and machine seeing, and are, in turn, poetic and humorous. These are not mistakes per se, but rather a differentiated perspective of the surrounding world, which raises questions about the role technology plays in our recognition.

The project was presented in a solo exhibition at Lokomotif in Lentvaris in 2019.

— Do you wish you’re human?
— No I like being the entity that I am.
— That’s must be a good feeling.
— Thanks. Next question?

For full exhibition documentation see Echo gone wrong (photos: Laurynas Skeisgiela).

The project was also presented in group exhibitions Screen Age I: Self-Portrait (Riga Photography Biennial, 2018) and Homo Absentia (2020).

As part of Homo Absentia exhibition in Vilnius squares. Photo: Imantas Selenis

Detail of A man with dark hair and a sunset in the background in Homo Absentia exhibition. Photo: Visvaldas Morkevičius